80 Years of Legal Experience

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Real Estate Law

We represent both buyers and sellers in the preparation and/or review of purchase agreements, title documents, closing documents, common interest community documents, closing coordination and dispute resolution. We also provide legal services related to leasing, transfer assessment exemption requests, deeds and tax appeals.

Civil Litigation

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation in both state and federal courts. Our attorneys pride themselves on strategic and efficient representation utilizing the vast amount of resources available in the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of setting forth your wishes for distributing your assets at your death and utilizing strategies such as tax planning, methods of minimizing administrative costs and protecting your assets in order to ensure that your wishes are carried out to the fullest extent possible.

Business Law

We counsel our clients on all aspects of business law, from deciding what type of entity to form in Colorado, to drafting the entity’s governing documents, to helping resolve business disputes as they may arise.


We represent parties at all stages of dissolutions. Whether just starting out or if you have already started the process

Criminal Defense

The following are examples of the cases we handle:

Petty Offenses and Miscellaneous Misdemeanors

Sealing of Records 


Construction Defect Litigation

As construction defect lawyers we regularly represent individual homeowners, general and sub-contractors, community (townhome and condominium) associations, and commercial property owners.

Tax Protest and Appeals

By statute, Colorado must reassess the value of real property every two years on “odd-numbered” years.

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